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2017 Nissan GT-R in Merrillville

2017 Nissan GT-R in Merrillville, IN

Rather than being designed to the demands of aerodynamics, the GT-R at Southlake Nissan in Merrillville sculpts the air to its needs – becoming a force of nature as much as a force to be reckoned with. Larger grille openings allow more cooling air to key components. Reshaping the front fascia helps direct air around the front wheel wells, reducing drag.

Turn an air vent that was studied, designed, and developed by a quality expert to operate flawlessly for years. Rotate a switch that’s been subtly etched on the outside to enhance its feel. Or let your eyes travel across a dashboard that comes from a single Nappa leather hide, hand-selected for tone, and free of even the smallest imperfection. This is attention to detail bordering on obsession.

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Carefully crafting each part, thinking of the mind, body, and spirit of the customers who will use their products – that is the spirit of the Takumi, a part Japanese tradition. And that is the human soul in the Nissan GT-R, a supercar that could never be created in a factory that only pursues rationality.

Sometimes a collision is unavoidable. But with Nissan’s Zone Body construction, at least it can be safer for everyone on board. This advanced body construction combines impact-absorbing structures with a high-strength cabin, which helps provide protection for you and your passengers.

Fuel Economy

An engine designed to answer the demands of a supercar for the 21st century, the VR38 is high-performance, while still being fuel-efficient and conscious of the environment.

2017 GT-R
2017 GT-R
2017 GT-R
2017 GT-R

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Nissan GT-R's easy-to-use 3-mode system is always ready. Three switches allow for on-the-fly adjustment of specific performance parameters for the transmission, suspension, and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system. The immense power and capability of the Nissan GT-R comes with a level of safety, control, and convenience features designed to inspire confidence every moment you’re behind the wheel.

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